Are Treadmills Good for Dogs


are treadmills good for dogs

They are a great way for you to provide additional exercise to your dog. They help them burn off stress, excess energy, stay focused on a task, get endorphins going. Ya know, all of the same things that really help us humans out with exercise. 

They should absolutely not be used in place of traditional exercise. They should be used to supplement plenty of outdoor time. Some breeds of dogs were bred to walk/jog 20-30 miles a day herding cattle and sheep. Some were bred to pull heavy things over a similar distance. Some were bred to hunt or swim for long distances. Very few breeds of dog were bred to lay around and stare at the wall. According to one of the most famous dog trainers around, Cesar Milan, the vast majority of dogs behavioral problems stem from excess energy. The treadmill is a great way to supplement this exercise and get their energy level way down.

Never forget that your dog should be allowed to use the bathroom both before and after getting on the treadmill for exercise. Also, keep in mind that they should NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED. 

But yes, treadmills are absolutely good for dogs.