Can you put a dog on a treadmill?


Can you put a dog on a treadmill

The answer is, yes, you can put a dog on a dog on a treadmill. Pet exercise is an overlooked area in pet health. While it is obviously most important to get both you and your dog outside, walking on trails, that is not always an option. The same way that you feel better when you get exercise and get endorphins rolling is the same as your dog. Exercise is one of the most important things in their life. A treadmill is a great way to supplement this exercise. So, yes, of course you can put a dog on a treadmill. Check out this article from the Seattle Times on this very issue. Here is our own article on how long we should leave them on there.

Putting a dog on device that is spinning, obviously needs to be done as intelligently as possible. THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED. They should also never be pushed too hard! Keeping your dogs health and safety in mind are the most important things at all times.