Carpet Treadmill for Dogs


carpet treadmill for dogs

This is something that really needs to be avoided at all costs! This is a very dangerous way for you to exercise your dog and is not safe. Just the idea of tethering your dog to something like this and forcing them to run should make you cringe. This is a manual treadmill, which you can read more about here. They are also very popular in the dog-fighting world to help the dogs build bigger and stronger muscles. A dog should enjoy their exercise time in a safe and reliable manner. That is why the Big R Dog Treadmill starts off extremely slow and gives your dog a safe atmosphere to exercise on. This is not to mention how hard this type of exercise will eventually be on their joints. This is not a safe and effective way to burn off excess energy. There are plenty of options across the web to build these types of treadmills, but they should simply be avoided.