Do-it-yourself Dog Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill.jpg

Do it yourself underwater treadmill

Hydrotherapy is great for not only humans, but also pets. Your dog can benefit greatly from swimming as well as walking in an underwater treadmill. The premise is simple. It is much easier on their joints as it lessens the impact from all the pounding. It is typically used in a rehab type of situation as well as daily exercise for older dogs. 

The problem with these types of treadmills are that they are extremely expensive. There is a lot going on there. There are ways to build them yourselves. The following pages have interesting information on that:

I highly recommend checking some of these out as well as the more professional ones. If your dog has had surgery or needs be put in a better situation to heal this is a great way to do it. Check out the videos below to see even more.