Dog Bonding Exercises


dog bonding exercises

Here are some fun and interesting ways to build your relationship with your dog.

Simply spending time together is one of the best ways for you and your dog to get closer. Take her to work with you, to the pet store, to your local restaurant. Just stay in close proximity to one another and you will be much more apt to start growing closer.

Communicate as clearly as possible. This goes for all relationships, right? The more clearly you communicate with your dog, the better relationship you two will have with one another.

Train and work on tricks - this will help you both have a better understanding of what is going on in the other’s mind. What the limitations are and how you learn, etc.

Remain calm - never, ever yell at your dog. That is a recipe for disaster and one that will surely make your dog more timid around you and not want to respect you or strengthen it’s bond with you.

The best dog bonding exercise is probably to simply work together, walk together, and hike together. Cesar Milan champions this idea constantly. I definitely think that this is best to do in a natural environment, in the woods, walking for long stretches together through the city, navigating all the obstacles. As long as your dog is healthy, it is best to do this as much as possible. But you can still build that bond and strengthen your relationship using a treadmill.