Dog Exerciser


dog exerciser

People are always looking for different, various and unique ways to exercise their dogs. That has obviously spawned some unique exercises, inventions, and machines.

The Big R Dog Treadmill is obviously a unique dog exerciser. It is also built to fit into virtually any space and can conveniently be stored in any space. There are other dog exercisers on the market as well.

The Springer Dog exerciser is a unique contraption that fits on the side of a bike and allows your dog to enjoy a bike ride with you.

The Walky Dog is similar in that it fits on a bike and allows you to use your bike with your dog.

There is also some pretty cool dog agility equipment out there. It is pretty cool and unique and can make exercising your dog just as much of a mental as a physical challenge.

Skijoring is typically thought of as a winter time sport in the colder climates, but it is also something that can be done in the warmer climates as long as you have a pair of rollerblades, a bike, or a skateboard. Ruffwear makes great dog gear and has a nice harness for this.

There are always different, creative dog exercisers that you can come up with. From jump bars, to taking your dog swimming with you. Just keep in mind that the most important thing when using a dog exerciser or just exercise in general is to keep your dog’s health and safety the top priority.