Dogs on Treadmill


dog on treadmill

If you are looking for a compilation of dogs on treadmills, you have come to the right place. Please keep in mind that there are some very common mistakes that people make when putting their dogs on treadmills.

Skipping warm up and cool down:

Just like when you exercise, your dog needs to warm-up and get their body ready. This involves a very lengthy warm-up session. Let them walk at a very slow pace and get their blood moving before asking them to jog. Never make your dog run on the treadmill! The treadmill is there to let them get a nice brisk walk or jog and that is what is most beneficial and safest for them. They shouldn’t be completely exhausted when taken off the treadmill, but they will still need a good cool down period.

Proper fit:

It is very important that the treadmill is the right size for your dog. This is extremely important as they should have a 100% natural gait when they strike the belt.

Repetitive Workouts:

No person nor dog would walk or jog for extended periods at the exact same pace. That is just not what they were made for. They were made to have variable workouts, at variable speeds. Do your best to mimic this on the treadmill.

Tying to the Treadmill:

If you follow the site at all, you know that we do not condone this at all. Please never tie the dog to the treadmill. You need to take the time to teach them to use it and be present the entire time they are on the treadmill!