Dog Treadmill Plans


how to build a dog treadmill

It all started when…

I injured my knee and had a very hyperactive German Shepherd that needed a ton of exercise. Just because I was hobbled up, didn't mean that she didn't need to let off her excess energy! I set off to develop the plans and the CAD drawings, blueprints, etc., to build out a better dog treadmill for people living in an apartment like I was. As opposed to trying to build your own, I have done the groundwork for you. If you have any additional ideas as to how we can make better changes to our version, please shoot us a note.

Unfortunately, it is going to be difficult to find any plans online that aren't for manual dog treadmills. Finding plans that allow you to build a treadmill with a motor and a motherboard, etc., probably isn't going to be that easy to find. These are very complex machines that probably aren't going to be easy to build by hand.