Exercise a Dog Without a Yard


exercise a dog without a yard

Here are some good suggestions to exercise a dog without a yard.

Obviously, one of the main reasons that the Big R Dog Treadmill was even invented was out of the necessity of not having a yard. People who live in urban areas, don’t have yards, etc., still need ways to exercise their dogs.

You can obviously take them for a walk.

Find a dog friendly hiking trail - this is my best suggestion as being outdoors and in nature is one of the best ways for you and your dog to get exercise and bond.

Find a dog park. It is best to find a dog park with a fence, but also vary it up. No one likes to do the same thing every day and your dog is no different. Take them to different parks and let them mix things up a little.

Take your dog to work or to run errands and do various things around town. By just engaging them and letting them get out, activate their brains, etc., you will find that is good exercise the same as you get by being active.