Exercising your dog indoors


Indoor dog exercise

With the winter-time approaching, exercising your dog indoors is probably on more people’s minds. With this challenge ahead, figuring out how best to do this without getting bored can be a real challenge. That is why we have come up with some creative ideas to help you out. These include indoor dog exercise equipment, toys, pens, and other facilities.

Equipment - treadmill

Equipment can be narrowed down to pretty much one thing…. you guessed it, a dog treadmill. While there are other devices out there, such as a tether toy, you really want to help them mimic exactly what they would be doing in the outdoors. That is getting in the ‘zone’ and walking with a purpose for an extended period of time. This will help you all get along a lot better when you are cooped up on those long, dark days.

indoor obstacle course

If you have a basement, a garage or even if you just want to get creative and setup something throughout your house, I recommend setting up an obstacle course that will challenge your dog both physically and mentally.

run your dog up and down the stairs

Now, you are obviously going to want to do this very sparingly. Do not push your dog too hard on this? They are going to be running and jumping up the stairs and that is a great way to blow out a knee or just hurt ones self in general. It is a great work out but use it sparingly.

take a socialized outing

If you live in a dog-friendly area, just take them out to different places and let them explore. Take them with you to the pet store and let them sniff things, be around other people and dogs and just interact. Another great place to go for this is a doggie happy hour. Having drinks while your dog gets to socialize is a great way to spend some time.

tug of war

A good old fashioned game of tug of war is fun for all involved. Just beware the consequences that might arise if you let this get out of hand. I would recommend changing this up with running the stairs, that way no one gets pushed too hard and no one (dog) gets hurt.


Once you have gotten a little bit of the excess energy burnt off your dog, it is always worth while to teach them basic obedience. Teaching, Sit, Come, Heal, and Stay are the basics and no dog can really do them well enough. You might as well maximize your time and take advantage of the fact that you are in the house together and that you have some time to kill