Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost?

There are three sizes of treadmill. The smaller version costs $450. The medium costs $550 and the large costs $600. These all come with a two-year warranty.

Does owning a dog treadmill make me lazy?

Of course not!! It is still extremely important that you take your dog outside for exercise. But if your dog requires two hours a day of daily exercise, you might only have one hour a day to spare to give him that. It might be extremely cold and rainy where you live, etc. If your dog has behavioral problems this can be extremely helpful in keeping them worn out and not chewing on everything in sight.

Is it hard to train my dog to walk on the treadmill?

This obviously varies per dog, but the lowest setting is EXTREMELY slow to help them adjust. Most take to it very quickly and truly seem to enjoy it. Please check out our page that has been built specifically to help you teach your dog to use a treadmill.Keep in mind that this is much better than using a manual treadmill, which is downright dangerous for your pet.

Can I leave them unattended?

Absolutely not! You need to be close by for obvious reasons. 

Is this dog Powered?

No, it is not. Treadmills that are powered by the animal themselves are extremely unsafe.

Are there competitors in the market?

Of course.





Jog a Dog

Others will be added later.

Are treadmills good for dogs?

Of course. Read more about that here.