How long should my dog pant after exercise?


how long should my dog pant after exercise

Just like you, a dog needs a good cool down period after exercise. There is no set time limit to how long a dog should be allowed to pant after exercise, but it should not be pushed so hard that it it is completely exhausted. Dogs pant to cool their bodies down, they don’t sweat through pores in their skin the same way us humans do. Therefore, it is extremely important to let them pant and cool themselves down. The best thing you can do if your dog is panting like this is to hydrate them, first and foremost. Allow them to have access to as much water as they like. You will often times find that dogs will start to migrate to the coolest part in the house when they are hot. The tile or linoleum floor, right on top of the air conditioning vent. If they are outside, they will find their way to some cool dirt, shade, or a stream. It is important to let them find the most optimal place they can to make their bodies cool and comfortable.

If you find that your dog is panting for an extremely long time after exercise, then the obvious thing is, is that you are pushing them too hard! Or you are pushing them too hard and then not getting them into a cool enough place fast enough.

If you take your dog for a run, don’t just stop the run. Much like yourself, they need a cool-down period. A time when they can just walk really slowly, keep their muscles moving and wind down. This cool down period is important to prevent cramps.

Don’t feed your dog right after exercise or while it is still panting. Give her the time to cool down and stop panting. It is certainly a good idea to give him water, but food is not a great idea.