How long to put dog on Treadmill


how long to put dog on treadmill

This is a question that is routinely asked. The answer can obviously vary, but I would not recommend any more than 20 minutes. Even at this time-frame, I still recommend just keeping them on there at a slow trot. I never recommend really running your dog fast or pushing them too hard.

A slow trot is what they will more than likely be doing on their own free-will. Have you ever seen a coyote, or better yet a wolf in the wild? They never seem to spend too much time out of a nice trot when heading somewhere. Sure, they will sprint to catch prey and they will sprint when they are playing. But the vast majority of the time they are at a nice, slow, and steady trot.

The treadmill is only meant to supplement their exercise and not keep them all wound up. Remember, the most important rule is to never, ever, compromise their safety. If you keep this in mind, you all will have a great relationship with the treadmill.