How to exercise your dog


how to exercise your dog

Do you ever get sick of the same old boring routine? Here are ten suggestions as to how to mix up the routine of exercising your dog.



Like a legit hike. One where you can let your dog off leash for awhile (provided they are well trained). Let them use their nose to sniff around and be a dog for awhile.


GO FOR A run

I certainly don’t suggest this for a lot of dogs, and most breeds are built to run short distances and then stop, so if you are going to go for a longer run, never push yourself or the dog too hard. Know your dog!


GO swimming

Sometimes it takes a little coaxing to teach a dog to swim. Obviously not if it is a Lab or a Golden Retriever. These dogs will take to the water like a Greyhound to running. However, I have found that most dogs love to swim and really start to relish it once they get going. This is also something to start a younger dog off with, as it is much easier on their joints and body in general.


play flyball

Another high-energy activity is Flyball. Obviously, most of these are better for higher energy dogs. Dogs race down a course, that holds 4 hurdles. At the end there is a box with tennis balls.The dog must stomp on this box to release a ball and then return to the starting line carrying the ball while jumping the hurdles. Once he or she crosses the starting line, the next dog takes off. The goal is to be the fastest team without penalties.


dog agility

While Flyball seems to incorporate some of these same games and challenges. Dog Agility is a great way to build a better bond and to get you and your dog out there working as a team and competing for the same end-goal.


dog tracking

While this is a challenge that is usually for specific breeds of dogs, that doesn’t mean that all dogs can’t participate in the activity. They all have extremely sensitive noses and can participate. This is also another great way for you all to form a tighter knit bond to one another.


playing fetch

This is something that people probably turn to a little too often in their repertoire of helping keep their dog active. This is obviously a lot of fun and something that most dogs love. It is probably best to only do a couple of days a week with alternative exercises thrown in as it can be really hard on their hips…. if they are jumping a lot.


dog daycare

On the days you don’t play fetch with your dog, take them for a hike or run, this has to be one on the best things you can do for them! Who wouldn’t want to go and hang out with their friends all day and play! Plus it frees up your time and let’s you go do the things that you might not always have time for.


dog tricks

Sometimes it is just as important to stimulate the mind as it is the body. Take a few minutes both morning and night and teach your dog a new trick. You will find that if you break it up into smaller, more manageable sessions it will be easier for them to grasp. Stimulating their mind is very important.

dog treadmill

Obviously, a great way to change up both you and your dog’s daily routine is to put them on the treadmill. On those rainy or snowy days when you can’t get outside, this is a great supplement and your dog will love you for it.