Manual Treadmill


Manual Dog treadmill

This is probably the most inhumane and most dangerous way to exercise your dog! Tethering or tying your dog to a piece of equipment is dangerous and foolish. Your dog should want to be on the treadmill and should also have the ability to stop if they so desire. Please, do not go down the road of getting a manual dog treadmill.

You need something that can be started at an extremely slow pace so you don't scare your dog. You also need something that can be stopped immediately. Manual Dog Treadmills are not a good choice for anyone.

Manual Dog Treadmills are also typically used for pitbulls and dog fighting. The pitbull owners try to get their dogs as strong as possible for the fighting ring. So by buying one of these you are actually supporting this horrid industry and the people who profit off of it. Yet another reason to avoid them.