Proform Dog Treadmill

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proform dog treadmill

The Proform dog treadmill looks like something that Cesar Milan, who is a huge advocate for using a dog treadmill would put together. In his training tips and pointers, he consistently points to how important getting rid of the excess energy is to your dog's physical and mental health. Most dogs were bred to work, that is just a fact of life. They were bred to be active and to be moving all day. When we force them to lead sedentary lives and to just sit idly, it is not healthy for them.... at all. Their 'misbehavior' is typically just them taking out their frustrations on being cooped up all day and not being able to get outside and move! The proform dog treadmill was a way to burn this energy off. However, it has it's drawbacks. Like other treadmills it is not easily stored. There is nowhere to put it. The Big R Dog Treadmill was built to change this. It was built to slide under your bed and be easily maneuverable for even the average person to use.