Why do Dogs Need Exercise

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why do dogs need exercise

This should be an absolute no-brainer. Pretty much all dogs need exercise. Even low-energy breeds such as the bulldog need a moderate amount of exercise. Some breeds, such as the Bulldog or the Pug, don't need nearly as much and too much exercise is not good for them, at all! You can really do some harm, so please refrain from pushing them too hard.

If you're asking the question, 'Why do dogs need exercise,' it is for the same obvious reasons as people. It is highly beneficial to both their mental and physical health. The common phrase in the dog training world is 'A tired dog is a good dog.' This could not be a more accurate statement. The more tired and focused your dog is on being tired, the less likely they are to be destructive or to be looking to get into mischief!

They feel endorphins the same way we do and they feel good while exercising just the same as we do. Not to mention that those who work together, stay together. When you and your dog engage in long walks, it is very beneficial to both of you and creates an extremely intense bond. This bond is strengthened by moving together as much as possible. In summary, it is very important that your dog gets plenty of exercise.